Soliroc Metal Inc. guarantees (Lifetime Limited Warranty) that your central vacuum system will be free from manufacturing defects for as long as you are the original owner of the device. This warranty applies to the body and dirt receptacle unit only.

Soliroc Metal Inc. warrants for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase. Upon presentation of proof of purchase, we promise to replace or repair defects and an authorized dealer from whom Aspirtech original purchase was made. Excluding transportation costs and other charges associated with handling and packaging costs. Your vacuum cleaner bought for domestic use is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect (10 years). This warranty covers parts and labor.

As for the warranty to be valid the warranty card has been completed and mailed within 10 days from the date of purchase, or your choice to complete the registration card below and return it by our hyperlink.

In order for your warranty to be honored you must:

  • Your vacuum cleaner will be connected to a circuit having the characteristics listed on the nameplate of the CSA, UL or CE attached to the vacuum cleaner;
  • Install the unit in a place where the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius / 104 Fahrenheit;
  • The vents must remain free of motors for air circulation;
  • The appliance should not be used for drawing of superfine dust as: drywall dust;
  • The disposable bag must be used at all times and changed as needed;
  • The permanant filter must be cleaned when necessary;
  • You will be checked by an authorized merchand Aspirtech brushes carbon after use for about 500 hours (more or less 5 years in living areas);
  • IMPORTANT: Two filtration systems shall at all times be in place otherwise the guarantee will be only 5 years;
  • The aspiration of liquids, building materials or other materials for which the central vacuum is not designed or removal of a protective filter voids the warranty.

The warranty is only 5 years for your vacuum Aspirtech if you hold up one of two home filtration systems.This warranty does not apply to the piping system of the central vacuum fittings, wall outlets and the installation of central vacuum system Aspirtech. This warranty is limited to parts only and does not include the usual substitutes such as bags, belts etc. This warranty does not cover a screw caused by misuse, neglect, use for commercial or any other use not found in the user manual.

Soliroc Metal Inc. is not responsible or liable to any action for damages caused by a malfunction of equipment other than those mentioned in this warranty. This warranty does not apply if the inspection reveals that the central vacuum system Aspirtech suffered abuse, has been misused, intentionally damaged or has been modified, damaged by fire or flood.

Or product damage caused by improper installation, whether performed by a contractor, a service company, by yourself, or your vacuum cleaner dealer are not covered by this warranty. Soliroc Metal Inc. is not responsible for the cost of labor, injury or other loss or damage suffered during installation, repair or replacement, including any consequential or indirect damages.

No information, advice or representation, oral or written authorized service centers, distributors, dealers, agents or employees, may modify this warranty or create another. In the case of any failure of the system, Soliroc Metal Inc. has no further obligation and the customer has no recourse other than as specified in this warranty.


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